Universal DSP System with Freescale DSP56321 ('XSPGH PMFS563')
This DSP module may be used as a coprocessor for the VME system "XSPGH PMVMEF". It incorporates the following features:
  • DSP56321 (240 MHz clock) from Motorola/Freescale
  • 1 MWords SRAM (24 bit)
  • 128 KByte FlashROM
  • size 70mm * 42mm
  • interfaces hostport, SCI, ESSI and timer externally accessable
  • external IO (24 bit data, up to 7 bit address) accessable at connector
  • local clock oszillator (optional external source)
  • stand-alone capability
Bild FS5632

Technical datasheet in preparation.

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