X-SPEX provides own standard products. All of these products incorporate special features not common to competative products.

Custom products for video and audio applications are now marketed under the brand "DIRIS" on your own domain www.diris.eu.

X-SPEX provides customized variants of these products. They are also used as a basis for customer specific products developments.

MultiStreamer - Universal IP-Streaming Module (10W PoE)
IP-Streaming Module with capability to connect to 1 video channel and/or up to 64 audio channals. galvanic separated power supply (Power-over-Ethernet) provides up to 10W for peripherie componentes). Over 80 MBit/s UDP, over 40 MBit/s TCP.

AV-Node - Universal Video Node
Modular reference und prototyp system providing input and output interfaces for audio and video.

VME system containing FPGA and expansion slots ('XSPGH PMVMEF')
Universal VME-System incorporating a powerful FPGA, various interfaces as well as two powerful expansion slots.

Universal DSP System with ADI BF533 ('XSPGH PMBF53x')
Flexible DSP-System based on the BlackFin family by Analog Devices incorporating FlashROM, SDRAM and various external interfaces.

Universal DSP System with Motorola DSP56321 ('XSPGH PMFS563')
Flexible DSP-System based on the DSP56321 by Motorola/Freescale incorporating FlashROM, SDRAM and various external interfaces.
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