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Analog Devices, Inc.

"Raymond is able to drive himself and his team to deliver what is promised, on time and with outstanding result. It is always a pleasure to meet and work with Raymond, who has always got something new and exciting to share."

Steve van der Wolf on LinkedIn about Raymond Horn, CEO of X-SPEX
Steves Profile on LinkedIn

Spoerle - A division of Arrow

"Alle Boards liefen in allen Bereichen völlig fehlerfrei! Tolle Qualität!!"
(Luis Fischer, Arrow, Deutschland)

X-SPEX developed the first "Processor Module" for the Embedded Platform Concept Concept of Spoerle (now "Arrow"). X-SPEX performed the following tasks:

  • Definition of the pin-out for all "Processor Modules" based on the pin-out of many different processor architectures.

  • Development of the first "Processor Module" using BlackFin BF527 from Analog Devices.

  • Production of "Processor Modules" with BF527 (first production lot ready for Embedded World 2009).

The citation above was take from the notice of receipt for the first production delivery.

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Figure 1: EPC "processor module" with BF527OD

SanDisk Corp., USA

"We are very happy with the work X-SPEX has done for SanDisk!"
(Bill Thanos, SanDisc Corp., USA)

X-SPEX provided an optimized implementation of the Windows Media Audio (WMA) technology and of the Digital Rights Management (DRM) for the "Sansa" Media Player by "Sansa" Media Player .

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Figure 2: Sansa Media Player by SanDiskk

Neurotronics GmbH, Berlin

"I'm loving my Laxman more and more as time passes; thank you for making such a wonderful product."
(customer feedback to Neurotronics)

X-SPEX has developed the complete electronic device including the device' software and the PC software to generate "sessions" for Laxman.

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Figure 3: Laxman Device

Omnitron AG, Griesheim

"Saubere Arbeit - vielen Dank
So hatte ich mir die Voruntersuchung vorgestellt.
Das Papier ist eine tolle Grundlage für die weitere Entwicklung."
(Matthias Padelt, Omnitron AG, Dez. 2004 per E-Mail)

X-SPEX hat vor der Ausführung eines Entwicklungsauftrages ein Realisierungskonzept im Rahmen eines vorherigen Konzeptauftrages erstellt.

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Technology Licensee von Microsoft
X-SPEX ist Lizenznehmer und registrierter "Interim Product Provider" bei Microsoft für
  • Windows Media Audio (WMA)
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • X-SPEX steht auf beiden Listen wg. des Anfangsbuchstabens "X" fast am Ende.

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    "3rd Party" / Registrierter Dienstleister der DSP-Hersteller
    Analog Devices Freescale Texas Instruments
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